The new generation of the opensource HMI
Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Lintouch-NG is a fork of Lintouch, an opensource HMI software, that lets you design user interfaces for process automation. Lintouch runs on most popular hardware and software platforms, is lightweight and easily extensible.

2. Objectives

Lintouch was a product of SWAC GmbH and SWAC Bohemia spol. s r.o. released under GPLv2, which had terminated its development in 2006.

As might be expected, a software stopped since 2006 does not build against the latest versions of its dependencies.

The main goal is:

  • Adapting Lintouch to build on a current compilation environment, using the latest versions of the GNU toolchain and of the required dependencies, like APR and QT.

Obviously we’ll incorporate some of the Lintouch goals:

  • Introducing opensource practices to the automation industry, that nowadays are dominated by big companies, much the same way software was a few years ago. The strength of opensource software has already been proven successful in the software world. With Lintouch-NG, we hope to make difference in the automation area.

  • Developing high quality HMI software that will be able to compete with the commercial HMI software that dominate the automation market.

Our focus is the Linux operating system, so we’ll not develop or distribute anything for Windows.

3. Code Base

The Mercurial repositories of Lintouch-NG are based on the trunk (revision 1778) of the Subversion repositories of Lintouch project.